2017 Sermon Downloads

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7/16/2017 Alaska Report Matt Cross, Abigail Brouwer
7/9/2017 To Judge Or Not To Judge Matthew 7:1-5 Pastor Ken Unruh
7/2/2017 Gideons Mission Report - Brazil Dave Sprunck
6/25/2017 Uncompromised Trust Matthew 6:25-34 Mike McCune
6/18/2017 Where Is Your Treasure? Matthew 6:19-24 Pastor Ken Unruh
6/11/2017 When God's Plans Are Different Than Ours (Part 2) Pastor Ken Unruh
6/4/2017 When God's Plans Are Different Than Ours (Part 1) Pastor Ken Unruh
5/28/2017 The Importance of Spiritual Sincerity Matthew 6:1-18 Pastor Ken Unruh
5/21/2017 The Disciples' Prayer Matthew 6:9-13 Mike McCune
5/14/2017 What It Really Means To Love Matthew 5:43-48 Pastor Ken Unruh
5/7/2017 The Law Of Non-Resistance Matthew 5:38-42 Pastor Ken Unruh
4/30/2017 Why Anger And Lust Are A Big Deal Matthew 5:21-30 Pastor Ken Unruh
4/23/2017 Mexico Trip Report
4/16/2017 The Proof Of The Resurrection Pastor Ken Unruh
4/16/2017 The Significance Of The Resurrection Pastor Ken Unruh
4/9/2017 Tell The Truth And Nothing But The Truth Matthew 5:33-37 Mike McCune
4/2/2017 Living A Life Of Influence Matthew 5:13-16 Pastor Ken Unruh
3/26/2017 Our Relationship To The Law Matthew 5:17-20 Pastor Ken Unruh
3/19/2017 God's Description Of A Blessed Person Matthew 5:1-12 Pastor Ken Unruh
3/12/2017 Jesus' Main Men (Part 2) Luke 6:12-16 Pastor Ken Unruh
3/5/2017 Jesus' Main Men Luke 6:12-16 Pastor Ken Unruh
2/26/2017 A Walk Through the Grain Fields Mark 2:23-28 Mike McCune
2/19/2017 Man's Tradition vs. God's Law John 5:1-18 Pastor Ken Unruh
2/12/2017 A Savior for Sinners Luke 5:27-39 Pastor Ken Unruh
2/5/2017 Following God's Lead Pastor Ken Unruh
1/29/2017 Jesus' Power to Forgive Sins Luke 5:12-26 Pastor Ken Unruh
1/22/2017 Lessons from a Strange Miracle Luke 5:1-11 Pastor Ken Unruh
1/15/2017 A Saturday and Sunday with Jesus Luke 4:31-44 Mike McCune
1/8/2017 Jesus in the Synagogue Luke 4:14-30 Pastor Ken Unruh
1/1/2017 Starting the Year Right Pastor Ken Unruh