Calibrating Your Conscience Part 2

Apr 7, 2024    Pastor Chris Bogstad

Calibrating Your Conscience Part 2

You must calibrate your conscience to God’s word or it will be calibrated to others

Why should you calibrate your conscience according to Paul’s instruction? (Romans 14:5, 17)

How do you calibrate your conscience by Peter’s example? (Acts 10:9-43)

Calibrate your conscience by God’s word (9-15)

9-14- Recognize the source of conscience

15- Listen to the voice of God

Calibrate your conscience with patience (16-35)

16- Repeat if necessary

17-22 Be ok with confusion

23-35 Love others

›How can we be patient with our own conscience? How about others?

›How can you explain how Christ cleanses our conscience to someone?

3.2 ways Christ cleanses our conscience

a.1) we have to try to obey Christ, feeling guilty when we disobey him because Jesus said, 

b.2) To submit a conscience to Jesus is to let me cleanse it them

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